Supplements For Bodybuilders

It can be said, without doubt, that you can gain weight and build muscles basically by eating right and lifting weights. Be that as it may, to genuinely boost your growth potential, supplements are a necessity. Thus, we have arranged a summary of eight best supplements on which you can spend your well-deserved money for muscle growth and bodybuilding. The fact of the matter is to help those on a tight spending plan choose which supplements to purchase. However, if cash is not a problem, utilize them as much as you could. Let’s have a review of the supplements for bodybuilders.

1) Whey Protein

The reason whey is number one on the list is that it is one of the most important products for protein synthesis. Whey is a milk protein with a very high level of BCCAs. It is beneficial for the body because it digests fast and thus the nutrients get absorbed quickly. This, in turn, helps in more rapid growth of the body muscles. The peptides in whey assist the flow of blood to the muscles. This is why whey is the best muscle building supplement for bodybuilders.

Dosage: Take 20 grams 30 minutes before workout and 40 grams after an hour at the end of workout. You can also take almost 20–40 grams of whey after waking up.

2) Creatine Monohydrate

Many scientific studies have provided the evidence of the safety profile of this supplement. Not only does it provide energy but also help in muscle building. The product has been found to provide quick energy to the users and helps in strenuous exercises. It supplies water to the cells of your muscles that helps in long-term growth and increases IGF1 in muscles, thus stimulates the growth of the muscles.

Dosage: Add 2-5 grams of creatine monohydrate to your protein shake that you can take before exercise. Use the same amount in the shake that you consume after a workout.

3) BCAAs

BCAAs are the most essential proteins when it comes to muscle building and repair of muscles tissues. Moreover, it increases the level of energy and decreases muscle soreness. BCAAs are made up of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine is the most important out of the three because it is known to regulate the metabolism of protein.

Dosage: Take BCAAs up to five to 10 grams with breakfast before and after exercise. Make sure that the product you choose has 2:1 ratio of leucine to the other two compounds.

4) NO Booster

Nitric oxide is a substance that is found involved in many processes throughout your body. NO boosters, unlike the name, do not provide NO, rather they give amino acid arginine; which when enters the body converts into NO. It has been found in numerous studies that those who consumed arginine lost body fat and had their muscle strength increased. Moreover, it improves the performance of resistance-trained people. To get NO, you need to eat food like pomegranate, radish, and beet. Studies usually take pomegranate or beet juice as NO supplement.

Dosage: Take 00 grams of NO in the form of pomegranate or beetroot juice almost an hour or half hour before your workout. You can also take it before going to bed.

5) Glutamine

This amino acid has been the most beloved of weight lifters for quite a long time since it is crucial to muscle function. Glutamine gives various bodybuilding benefits, for example, supporting muscle development by increasing level of leucine, helping diminish muscle breakdown and reinforcing the immune system, which keeps you from becoming ill and missing exercises. Glutamine is taken before exercises, enables lessening of muscle weakness, and increases growth of hormones level. Research demonstrates that glutamine may likewise assume a part in fat loss by increasing the measure of calories and fat consumed amid workout.

Dosage: Take five to 10 grams of the supplement with breakfast before and after exercise and at night with dinner.

6) Caffeine

Even though it has been used as a stimulant all around the world for a long time, when it comes to bodybuilding its effects are a little murky. While some studies suggest that caffeine can help in resistance exercises and high-intensity activities by increasing strength, many other studies contradict as they have found absolutely no change in caffeine-tested subjects. Be that as it may, caffeine has been known to eliminate fatigue and decrease the perception of effort, thus a little intake is not going to hurt anyone.

Dosage: Almost 150–300 mg of caffeine at least half hour before exercise.

7) Citrulline Malate

The compound became famous initially as an anti-fatigue supplement. Nowadays, however it is also known for its performance-increasing effects. The compounds in the supplement, i.e. L-citrulline and malate are a better deal as they help by increasing ATP during the workout and PCr recovery after workout. CM is beneficial for improving upper and lower body performance during exercise in resistance training.

Dosage: Take eight grams 60 minutes before exercise.

8) Fish Oil

Being a fantastic source of omega-3, fish oil has been added to the list due to various benefits it provides. It provides defense against inflammation and has antioxidant properties. Omega-3 has been found to decrease soreness in the muscles post-exercise and speeds up the recovery of the muscles.

Dosage: Take two grams with a meal every day.