Top Supplements For Beginners

The world is not a perfect place, and that is why believing that you will get all the nutrients you need from your daily diet is like telling yourself that Cinderella exists and Snow White met the seven dwarfs. Yes, that would only be a figment of your imagination.

Dietary supplements provide all the minerals and vitamins that are missing from the diet but are required by the body to stay healthy and fit.

What Not to Do

People who start taking supplements want results as soon as possible, and this leads them to take supplements which are highly priced and bear no fruit at all by the end of the day. It is important to consult a doctor and figure out what your body requires and what it can take before wasting money on products which might turn out to be dangerous rather than beneficial for you.

Supplements Suggested for Beginners

1. Protein – The Most Important Supplement of All

This supplement has been tried, tested and approved multiple times by various trainers and researchers. The benefits retrieved from a protein supplement can never be underestimated. It is believed to be ideal for a wide range of muscle types and sizes. It is agreed upon that additional intake of protein will not harm the user. More intake will improve and enhance the strength and muscle size of the user.

If this supplement is coupled with one’s training schedule and taken before or after the session, it will create more proteins in the body. It is ideal for reducing fat in the body as well and can help you achieve your weight reduction target.

Even though a supplement cannot be considered as a substitute for the protein you receive from your daily food, it is important for people whose diet is not balanced.

2. Greens – Fruits, Vegetables & Their Benefits

It is no secret that a getting plenty of fruits and vegetables is important to make sure your body is in a healthy and fit state. Yes, of course, it is ideal if you consume these greens directly by consuming fruits and vegetables, but let’s be honest with ourselves and observe; how many of us actually do so?

It is important that a greens supplement becomes a part of the diet of a beginner as it not only enriches your body minerals and nutrients but also makes your blood’s pH neutral which is said to become acidic if you consume high amounts of protein.

There is no side effect or negative after-effect of taking greens supplements along with your daily diet.

3. Fish Oil – A Requirement of Your Body

It can be easily said that this supplement is the Superman of supplements, the savior of your body, and necessary for your diet. Fish oil is one supplement which is needed by every single person who understands the importance of dietary supplements and takes them seriously.

This supplement improves the overall health and wellness of your body. It is the perfect solution for various kinds of malignant diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and other such problems. It helps the person work toward increasing the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the body. For people who feel like their chest is burning and have to take pills to reduce the inflammation, this supplement heeds great benefits and numerous advantages.

This supplement is also believed to be ideal for people planning to lose weight and stay fit!

4. Carbohydrates – Benefits & Advantages

Carbohydrates are probably the most underestimated kind of supplements. It is generally believed that carbohydrates do not have many benefits, but that is not true at all. Carbohydrates, or as they are preferably called ‘carbs,’ help in the synthesis of proteins and glycogen in the body.

Even a simple drink of this supplement is perfect for a person who has just begun training because it provides immense energy to the consumer. It allows the user to work out for long hours and stay energetic throughout!

5. Creatine – Most Researched & Beneficial Supplement

It is believed that creatine is easily the most researched supplement out there. Scientists have had a particular interest in this supplement and have conducted extensive studies on it. There are numerous benefits of this product that have been discovered. They create a boost in the muscular size of the user and allow them to be energetic and strong during training.

It is also assumed that this supplement causes death if consumed by underage people, but that is not true. There is no evidence or proof of whether this claim is true or not. Creatine is said to be the cheapest and most affordable supplement out there and has proven to be a great choice for a lot of people who have just begun training.


If you are just starting your training and have finally decided to make your body healthy and fit, investing in these supplements will definitely not disappoint you. However, it is wiser and smarter to first spend your money on an instructor or a coach. You need an expert to help you figure which supplement you need the most and what quantity of each supplement is required by your body.

It is important to stick to your plan, try your best to achieve your fitness goals and give this your best shot!