5 Things to Consider When Picking a Protein Powder

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that you need for the body. Protein helps to build new muscle tissue as well as repairing muscle tissue you breakdown during weight training. Mostly, meat products are rich in protein and can provide the highest amount of it.

For those who are trying to lose weight or have decided to gain muscles are supposed to multiply their body weight 1.5 times and then take the amount of protein equivalent to that count equally in five to six meals in a day. But the thought of five to six meals is kind of scary, so the alternative is the protein powder that you can take in shakes twice or thrice a day.

Advantages Of Protein

The main reason why people have been using protein powder and why it has become such a popular supplement is that it is a quick way to provide nourishment to your body and to satisfy the body’s needs. Moreover, it is known to help with losing weight, improve performance while exercising or playing sports, and aid in bodybuilding.

Some of the advantages of taking protein powder are:

  • Easy and convenient to take as and when you like
  • Faster and better digestion and absorption
  • High quilty amino acid profie and biological value

5 Ways To Pick A Good Protein Powder

Now the important part is to know which protein powder would be good for you. Here we give you five ways to know that.

1) Protein Powder Vs. Mass Gainer

The motivation behind why a large number of people buy protein powder is with the goal that they can build muscles and ideally lose fat at the same time. Nevertheless, mass gainers are loaded with calories as they are intended to help individuals put on weight, not lose it.

One mistake on the part of those who are new to the supplement world is that they tend to choose mass gainers rather than a protein supplement. Mass gainers do contain protein, sugar, and a considerable measure of calories. Fundamentally, mass gainers contain quite a balanced mix of proteins, fats, and carbs whereas protein supplements contain far more proteins than fats or carbs. In this way, unless you are intentionally attempting to put on weight, avoid mass gainers and remember that they are not protein powders.

2) The Test Of Time

If a product has been harmful or has not shown any results, would the market be selling it for a long time? Obviously not. This tells us that the longer a protein powder has been on the shelves of your favorite mart, the more it has the chances of working for you too.

Thus, if you are thinking of starting your protein supplement, consider buying the products that are being sold for years rather than something that has been launched just a couple of months before.

3) Natural And Pure Powders

As you are going to consume the protein powder, it is better to consider quality over quality. Try to choose the product that does not have a lot of ingredients. Seven to ten ingredients are the best. Try to find the powder that promises natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients.

Pure ingredients are essential when choosing which protein powder to buy. Try to avoid those products that have catchy advertisements about how the added ingredients are going to improve the growth of your muscles. Some companies even add an extra ingredient that helps with muscle growth. These are the products with the results beings insignificant, but the price being manifold. This is not really worth your money.

4) Concentrate, Isolate, Or Casein

Not all proteins are made similarly, and not all proteins are precisely the same either. The three most common types of protein powder are whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and casein protein.

Whey concentrates and isolates are both quick digesting proteins, however casein proteins require more digestion period. Isolate contains more pure proteins per serving at around 85–95%, while concentrate is somewhat lower. Whey isolate is somewhat costlier as it is marginally better, yet if muscle development is your objective, it is possible that either one is fine.

If you are going to choose a moderate digesting protein that stays in your body for quite a while, casein protein is the most logical option. The majority of people drink casein protein shakes late around evening time before going to bed. There are numerous types of protein powder, yet these three are the most widely recognized and the most well-known.

5) Stay Away From The Hype

The last and a clever tip to know how to choose a good protein powder is to know that you have to stay a vast distance away from the companies that try to draw you into buying their powder by showing smart marketing hypes. This is usually done by big companies.

The main thing to remember is that the protein powder is not a magic potion that can give you magical muscles with a few drinks. It has to be taken with a healthy diet and in workout routine. So if any company is claiming such a thing then either it is adding steroids or lying, the latter more than the former.